Dear Shop Manager,
When you rushed out from behind your shop counter yesterday brandishing air freshener and swearing like a trooper did you stop to think about the elderly woman you were embarrassing?

Yes she smelt of urine and looked dishevelled and caused your shop to smell but was that any excuse for you to laugh at her and discuss loudly in her presence how someone should tell her how badly she smelt?

You didn’t even have the decency to wait until she’d exited the store before you came out shouting about her to all the other customers.

Did you stop to think that she was perhaps once somebody’s mother or wife? Did you stop to think how you would feel if your elderly mother was no longer able to look after herself?

It seemed from appearances that all you cared about was the inconvenience to yourself and your shop.

I shouldn’t judge you, not being perfect myself, but I couldn’t help but wince at your blasphemy and lack of compassion . Rather ironically you work in a Red Cross charity shop.

All I could think of as I exited your shop in disgust at your attitude was that Jesus would have loved her and spent time with her. He wouldn’t have cared that she smelt. He made a habit of caring for those the rest of society overlook.

I hope that old woman has someone in her life who loves her and makes her feel valued……


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