3.45pm Christmas Day  is said to be the optimal time for families to begin bickering amongst themselves. The presents have been exchanged and oohed and ahhed and “You shouldn’t have” over and copious amounts of food has been consumed and real life returns with a vengeance. As if we buy into the lie that Christmas must be perfect and our personalities must be squashed and sat upon until we are unrecognisable to ourselves.

It seems the pressure of striving for perfection coupled with added stress of protracted family time reignites the powder keg of egos setting sparks and words flying like weapons.

Biblically speaking Iron sharpens iron but if this is so why does it hurt so much to have our abrasive edges rubbed off? Is it the sacrificing of egos or dying to self that causes our pain to spring to the surface like a blushing bruise?

Every single example I can bring to mind of people I struggle to get on with the uppermost feeling is initially regret and  then hatred of what they bring out in me. They literally bring out my worst. They set me on edge.

However if I were able to take a more balanced view perhaps it would be apparent that they require more time and effort on my part and that is why I resent them and feel guilty about them.

The effort involved to smile pleasantly while making what seems to me inane conversations, the literal biting of my lips to bite back retorts that come to mind when they tear down those I care about cost me. Yet it is nothing in comparison to the allowances and grace that my loving Saviour extends to me several times a day.

Happy  Christmas all x


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