It’s the first day of 2015. Traditionally today’s post should be a retrospective of last year and a setting out of resolutions or plans for this brand new year.

Actually, I’m not feeling in a nostalgic mood. I feel as if I’ve spent the last 12 months looking back and yearning for simpler times.

Instead, as it’s a new year and a new beginning I want to focus on what I will be writing this year. One of the many challenges of having your own blog is discovering ways to keep it relevant and writing posts that will encourage your readers to return for a repeat visit.

Having said that you can spend so much time trying to be culturally relevant and reading other people’s works that you never post any of your own. So balance in everything. My blog will always be at heart a place where I can practise different styles of writing and I hope to add to that this year by mixing in some reviews also.

I will probably always write about the things that get under my skin and make my blood boil, the subjects I am passionate about. And I make no apology for that. Causes and current events need to be highlighted on many platforms for change to come about.

If the old adage is true that ” a writer writes what he knows” I would find that a very limiting sphere. Part of the attraction for me in writing is escapism and adventure. Whilst I love being a wife and a mother of 4 and  a part time worker I don’t often want to write about that. I don’t  always find it inspiring. Perhaps that means I need to think about changing my tagline!

If us writers only wrote about the subjects we knew what break from the norm would we be offering our readers? They too want to immerse themselves in a different life. If only for a while.

If Lucy had never opened the door to Narnia, if  Alice had hopped over the rabbit hole, if  Katniss had not volunteered as tribute, if Frodo had not set off on a great adventure, yes the world would have been a safer place….. Yet so much poorer.

We read to know we are not alone so the saying goes but I would add to that we read to enrich our lives, to widen our circles, to deepen our knowledge, to fall in love with words and stories again.

Happy reading and writing in 2015.

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