My lovely husband, in the spirit of efficiency has de-christmased the house. By that I mean he has taken down the Christmas tree and put all our decorations and cards away. I usually like this part. I like the  feeling of putting away that part of the year and thinking it’s done and dusted until next year.

But today the house looks empty and undressed and a little uninviting. It looks bare and  forlorn.

I feel a little sad……

Tomorrow is my first day back at work after a 3 week break and I feel strangely reluctant to get back into our usual routine. I really like my job and I like having a pocket of my time that is just for me and yet I’m struggling to embrace it.

I suppose it has something to do with the time of year and the dreary grey weather and also something to do with feeling flat after all the hype of Christmas. Between TV advertisements and school nativities and church events   the Christmas train hurtles full on and full speed for a good few weeks but then January arrives and our calendars are not so full.

Perhaps the only sensible approach is to live in the moment, be present in it and look for little lights of joy that often go unnoticed in busier times and to try not to be afraid of what the new year will bring.

Till next time.


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