Not so cool.


The jacket in this image reminds me of watching Grease the movie as a teenager. There was the gang of cool boys called the T-birds and the gang of cool girls called the Pink Ladies.  The  T – birds  wore black leather jackets and would never have been caught dead in a letterman jacket like this, unless of course they wanted to impress someone a la Danny at the end of the movie.

The whole film epitomises teenage angst and insecurity. Everyone just wants to be cool but basically have to squash their own personalities to do so.

I wanted to be cool in High School. I didn’t  have enough confidence in my own ideas and taste and opinions. I just wanted to be liked.

My school wasn’t like the High School in Grease. For a start it was the 70s and not the 50s but we still had the clearly defined groups of kids. The popular ones, the highly clever ones, the creative musical ones, the nerds or geeks as they would be called now and the sporty ones or jocks.

At times I would study the other groups, never being sure of my own place, and would envy the ones who made school look such a breeze.

This post is in response to the daily prompt, Image Search.

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