“I thought we’d never come back from that one”. I like to think I would do pretty much anything for my friends bar something illegal of course, but when my friend told me she wanted to watch something particularly questionable at the cinema I must admit I balked. Before you think I’m entering 50 shades territory here this was before that was thought of thankfully. My female friend was going through a divorce and just wanted a girly night out. Torn between my beliefs and wanting to be a good friend to her I caved and regretted.

The film she wanted to see was one I would never in a million years have chosen for myself.  When even the usher passes over your tickets with a shake of his head you know you are in trouble. It featured nudity and horror in what seemed to me to be equal amounts. It was also supposed to be funny but the only thing vaguely amusing to me was the thin excuse for a plot.

I spent the entire hour and a half in the cinema squirming deeper and deeper into my seat and trying to examine the fine print on my chocolate bar in the pitch black, anything rather than having to actually watch the film. When I did glance at the screen it was only to confirm my suspicions that this really was the worst piece of cinematic dross to ever make the big screen.

When the film was mercifully over I walked my friend back to her house in a state of social awkwardness. We were in agreement that the film was dire but whereas she found it funny and chalked it up to experience I was left rueing the fact I’d compromised my Christian witness. You won’t be surprised that the next time we went out I chose the film.


This post was written in response to today’s daily prompt, use it or lose it.


5 thoughts on “A bad,bad choice.

  1. Of course, now I wonder what the film was about. SO glad that wasn’t me! I always ask if there’s a happy ending and read a synopsis of the movie before watching. My memory must be awful because that doesn’t spoil my enjoyment!

    1. Lol. I deliberately didn’t say what film it was as I didn’t want to advertise it any further. Usually we take it in turns to choose a film and that happened to be her week to choose. Learnt my lesson though.

  2. Sometimes, it’s tough to keep our standards when it’s our friend who’s asking us to bend them. Over the years, I have found it’s better to just stick with “my gut instincts” than to cave. When I’ve not, this has been my fate as well. 😉 … learning as we go… His grace is enough …

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