At the moment I am trying to lose weight. There is nothing about this process I enjoy, the food deprivation, the slogging it out at the gym, the desperate attempt to find something that fits for social occasions that I haven’t worn a hundred times before.
Then I usually end up in jeans or a dress if I’m feeling particularly brave!

So, I am feeling cross and frustrated and irritable at present. I know rationally that it takes time to become overweight and it’s bound to take at least a similar time to lose the weight, especially as I have a fair amount I need to lose.

My problem is like everything in my life I want a short cut, instant results.


I feel discouraged today because even though I’ve upped my exercise regime there appears to be no discernible difference in my weight or appearance.

Anyway I’ve decided I may be following the tortoise in my weight race but I will get there. I need to remember the reason I started this process and celebrate the small achievements along my way.


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