One of the more cathartic joys of blogging is being able to talk about things I possibly wouldn’t discuss in real life. Just being able to set thoughts and words down online and sending them out into the Internet ether is freeing.

I am allowed to have an opinion and express that opinion, the only proviso I set myself is that I must try to do that thoughtfully. I don’t always achieve that.

You know I’m an introvert and yet I love to talk and get into deep, rich subjects with the right people. I find small talk and passing the time of day hard work and frustrating.

Again, in a face to face conversation I sometimes hesitate to give my opinion because it might get shot down and I don’t always possess the strength to stand behind it if someone else is more vocal or strident.

Although I am blogging anonymously largely to my followers I still keep a watch on the things I say and the opinions I express. I think that’s only sensible in this day and age.

I am quite an open book, once I get to know people well but of course there are some things I don’t discuss because they are private or mine or I’m too proud or I don’t want people to realise I’m struggling in any way. That is a very big part of my personality. I hate being vulnerable and crying in front of other people.

Communicating emotion and intent on a largely written format is not easy. I vet my text messages to a degree. It’s very easy to be misconstrued or for me to misconstrue things.

Mostly when I want to convey emotion I use my heart, words or love language. That is the same whether I am online or face to face, with a few notable exceptions of course!
In the form of texting I might use capital letters or exclamation marks to empathise my point.

I do use smilies or emoticons but only if other people write that way to me. Of course I use kisses when I text or message female friends or family although that can also be misinterpreted…..

It’s fraught really. There is something about seeing a person’s face when you are speaking to them that helps to convey their intent in  a way you can’t electronically.

The most important thing is to think about what we are writing and whether we want that preserved for years to come.

This post is in response to today’s daily prompt.


3 thoughts on “Communication for an introvert.

  1. Great post, I found myself agreeing with a lot of what you said here, Especially when it comes to the frustrations of small talk and being unable to stand up against someone who is more vocal or aggressive. That’s something I still need to work on 🙂

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