You would have to have been blessedly absent from any kind of social media or news outlets not to know there is a general election tomorrow.
The major parties involved have been campaigning for months to win our votes indulging in all kinds of kiss the baby photo ops and highly charged debates. It would seem they are not so concerned with the ardent voters but the undecided and tactical voters.
Living where I do, in a place where things are decided in Westminster other than a few local government assembly issues I’ve even been hard pressed to wonder if I should vote. What difference will it make to my life? My family? My town? When every political party will promise almost anything to win power and gain seats yet these promises will likely go by the wayside once they are elected and in power?
I will be voting tomorrow. If only because women went to an awful lot of struggle to win the right to vote.

A short while ago I came across a picture on a social media site that broke my heart. It made me sob. It took me a few hours to tell my husband about it because every time I would think about it the tears would flow again and I’d be rendered speechless.
It was a photograph of an orphan child lying asleep on a chalk outline picture of a mother. It was captioned this child was a war orphan who was so desperate for a mother’s embrace that she had drawn this picture and gone to sleep hugging it.
As a mother of 4 myself you can understand why it moved me so much. I wanted to hug this child and pour out love on her.

Having done a little research I’m glad to say in this instance it was not all it appeared. The child was a family member of the photographer and there was no tragic back story.

However for many other children orphaned by war this is a true scenario. Heartbreaking as it is there are many children who are innocent casualties of war, suffering ordeals we can only imagine.

When will something be done for them? When will children not have to sleep on the streets any more? When will they be safe and protected as they should be? When will they be fed? When we stop focusing on things that don’t matter and concentrate on things that do. I’m not saying the election isn’t important. It is but there are other more important things with eternal implications and I’m speaking as much to my own complacency as anyone else’s.
But of course this is another important reason to vote so we will have a voice in government to highlight social injustices.


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