I feel like I’m living somewhat of a paradox at the moment. There are things happening in my life I’m anxious to hasten and be at an end and other parts of my life I wish I could slow down.
My 13 year old son popped his head around the door this morning and asked me something in a noticeably deeper voice. When did that happen? Overnight it seems. He’s not my little boy anymore. I have to look up at him now to talk to him when I’m in my slippers with no advantage to my height.
My eldest daughter is making plans to go to college to study her A levels. Where did my little tousled hair baby go with her incessant need to ask why?

Don’t mistake me. I love them being older and having friendships with them and coffee dates and giggles about silly things. But the slow, longdrawn out process of letting them go is tough. I know it’s a natural part of life that begins the second we behold them for the first time. We spend our lives as parents preparing them to stand on their own 2 feet and not to need us so much but it pangs ……

My youngest daughter will be 8 in a few weeks time. This thought almost makes me breathless. I could swear it was only a week ago she was a babe in arms. She’s a lovely placid little girl and she continually makes me laugh at the little witticisms she comes out with but I’d be lieing if I didn’t admit to a twinge of sadness that none of my 4 are babies anymore.

I know I’m so blessed to be a parent, let alone a Mother of 4 but I wish I could hit the rewind button occasionally….


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