Many years ago, when my hair was still its natural colour and mobile phones hadn’t been invented, I experienced one of those moments we girls dream of and plan.
My boyfriend, who I’d known for longer but only dated 6 weeks at that time, asked me to marry him. It wasn’t the most romantic of settings. We were parked outside my house under the light of a streetlamp and he was uncharacteristically quiet. When I asked him that age old question “What are you thinking?” he replied “I’m wondering if it’s the right time to ask you to marry me?”.
My precise response to his unexpected question was “Ask me again in a minute!”.  You can guess the rest seeing as we’ve been married 18 years and have 4 children.

Obviously this was a momentous time in my life. It was a sweet memory then and has only become sweeter with time. I made him propose again though, in a more romantic setting, on the snow topped mountains glistening in the sun.
Like most married couples there have been a lot of memories we have made and hold dear. Our actual wedding day, the births of our children, our first home together.

Although these memories are covered by the haze of time they are equally as precious as memories made last week. We don’t always realise when we are just spending time with our spouses and kids that we are making memories but we are, whether consciously or not. I often find that it’s the unexpected serendipitous days and events that become treasured family memories.
Things like building a family den in the living room and sleeping in it overnight or going for a twilight beach walk where you end up inheriting someone else’s beach fire.

Sometimes I find I need to adjust my thinking and my point of view. That’s when every day life becomes something to be grateful for and remembered.

This post was written in response to the daily prompt Memory on the Menu.


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