A while ago a daily prompt asked the question, Why does your blog have the name it does?
Whenever I feel I have nothing fresh to write about I come back to this question.
My blog is called Tales of a slightly stressed mother. This blog began at a painful point in my life and we are still living in this fallout.
However, it wouldn’t be true to life if I was always racing around tearing my hair out. Real life is not usually a series of dramas one after another.

My life is probably the same as yours, a mixture of good and bad times. This led me to wonder whether it would be better to rename my blog to something more lighthearted as I like to write about a range of subjects. On further consideration though I decided against this.

I’m thrilled to have a readership. That is what every story desires, a reader. But….. my blog has always mainly been written for me. A catharsis. An attempt to make sense of things I find difficult. To rename it would feel wrong.

I think my writing blocks come because I struggle, at times, to pen original thought. I may write a post I’m really pleased with but find on further examination it resembles something else I’ve read.

Perhaps this is where this quote comes in handy.


I was asked yesterday if I was pleased with my blog, if I felt it was successful. In my eyes, in terms of followers and stats and being happy with posts written , yes. In their eyes, perhaps no. You see they are only concerned with the outward gain. That elusive post that goes viral which then in turn leads to work published and recognition. And whilst I would be lying if I didn’t say I would like that, I feel they are the ones missing the point.

They don’t know or understand me at all. Yes I want to be a writer. Yes I’d like to have work published but that is not the be all and end all. I write because I can’t not even though at times it feels like this!


If others like what I write and want to read more then of course that’s an added bonus.


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