Do you ever feel tired? Not just I had a bad night’s sleep tired but bone tired? Limb achingly, bone chillingly weary.

Tired of situations. Tired of every day life. Tired of miscommunications. Tired of even doing the bare minimum.

I do. I am. Tired. There’s a poem that contains the line “If ever I wished I could sleep for a year it is now”. I relate to that. I want to do that. But I can’t. Life hurtles on with demands on my time.

Get up. Make sure the kids are up. Make sure they’ve eaten. Make sure they’re ready for school and done their homework and on and on. Ad infinitum .

And I have a household to help me. Very few of these things I do alone. But still I’m tired. Tired of checking the bank account every single day. Tired of feeling guilty when we treat ourselves to a coffee. Tired of the car not being fixed. Tired of missing church. Tired of not catching up with friends.

And then there’s the guilt. I signed up for 3 online courses I was very interested in but only managed to complete 2. The third got away from me. Tired of missing the gym and eating unhealthily. Tired of feeling crap about myself.

Guilt that I haven’t started my Christmas makes yet. Guilt that I’m supplementing some Christmas gifts with charity shop buys.

I am so fed up of feeling like this. Half the time I live on auto pilot and then I feel guilty for merely playing at life.

It’s a real pickle.

However. I’m old enough to know these feelings don’t last and are more than likely due to a nasty situation coming up next week. The cold weather and the dark rainy nights all add to the gloom.

When you feel like this, give yourself a break, as I am. You’re doing the best you can, even if that’s getting up and surviving your day until bedtime.

And lastly. Remind yourself you have a comforter who sticks closer than a brother.
This is my prayer for myself and for you.


Image taken from Pinterest.


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