Whilst I admire those people who take up their pen on waking to commit their first morning thoughts to paper it’s not something I’m in the habit of doing. My first thoughts are too scrambled and bleary eyed to be worth sharing. No great profundities here. I’m more likely to be planning my first coffee!
Amongst my random initial thoughts this morning was a reluctant one eyed glance at my phone clock as I tried to ascertain whether it was time to get up yet.

Then I looked around to see if I had company in my bed. Being a married woman this wasn’t as random as it might have been given that any particular day my bed could be inhabited by my husband and  or one or more of my children. They sometimes creep in in the early hours due to a bad dream or illness.

Next I reflected on my very surreal dreams, none of which I’m desirous to share on a public forum due to their bizarre nature! Odd dreams are a way of life for me and have been for many years.

Lastly I was fighting the grumps because today was a work day and I slept fitfully last night and I knew I’d be tired before I even began work.

In truth I envy those who wake up full of energy ready to dive into the day with a multitude of wise and profound thoughts to share with others.
I’m usually just trying to remember how to move my legs and timing the bathroom dash right so I don’t have to join the queue with 5 others!



4 thoughts on “First Light nerves… (Daily Prompt)

  1. Amen, sister! 😉 Mornings find me slow and methodical as I try to remove the fog from my mind. I so wish I could find the joy, excitement and adventure that others can find in these wee early morning hours! …especially, since one of those cheerful persons is my loving husband! 😉

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